Helifreak Ltd.

Ivo Lukacovic's investment company.


Founded in 1996

Seznam.cz, a.s. has been the most popular Czech internet destination for more than 23 years. With more than 1,200 employees, 70%+ internet market share and 3.7 million Internet users daily, Seznam.cz is shaping the Czech internet landscape. Seznam.cz develops its own fulltext search technology, state-of-the-art free email and mapping service, and dozens of other services. Seznam.cz runs several news websites, TV and radio stations. Seznam.cz is proud to be one of the biggest tax payers in Czechia and recognized as the most successful local brand in the post-communist area.


Founded in 2011 - Sold in 2019

Melown Technologies, S.E. is a Prague-based startup company focusing on mass-scale computer vision and developing advanced visualization technology for interactive web-based rendering. Melown's technology allows visualizing models of urban and natural landscapes from aerial imagery, from street level detail to planetary scale. Melown is also developing a scalable photogrammetry technology. The company was sold to global technology giant Hexagon A.B in 2019.


Founded in 2014

Windyty, S.E. is a Prague-based startup company running one of the most popular weather service worldwide - windy.com. By creating a map of animated weather layers and with easy-to-use meteograms, Windy completely redefined the landscape of weather observing and forecasting. The highest rated iOS and Android Apps in Weather category and constant visitors growth on all platforms, Windy become the love mark for millions of users who depend on the weather. Used by governments and emergency services worldwide during severe weather situations, Windy helps to save human lives.



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